Nadine Frost for US Senate

A New Day For Delaware

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  • Bring Congress into the 21st Century
  • Restructure the Education System
  • Reduce the omnipresence of the Federal Government
  • Reform the Criminal Justice System
  • Crush the Cronyism in DC
  • Return control of Social Security to the workers

Bring Congress into the 21st Century

Congress presently operates on the 18th Century model where representatives from diverse geographical areas traveled slowly via Horse Carriage or Sailing Ship to a central location where they could effectively communicate with other representatives.  Thanks to the internet, this is no longer necessary.  When it took 3 weeks for a letter to travel from Boston to New York, this model made sense.  However, communications are now instantaneous.  Just this spring, the Libertarian Party held their semi-annual National Convention entirely via ZOOM internet meeting.  Over 1000 delegates from all 50 states and Washington DC met from their living rooms.  They debated and voted on policy points, and even elected candidates for both President and Vice President.  In 3 days.  While the Democrats and Republicans continue to push their conventions back, unable to overcome the inertia of "business as usual", the Libertarian Party proved that the 21st Century ROCKS!

Potential results of restructuring the way congress does business:

  • Representatives and Senators would be at home to be accessible to their constituents.  Under the present system, Congress Members relocate from their home states to permanent residences in Washington, DC.  They are no longer residents or representatives of their home districts, they become representatives of the Beltway.  Some members of Congress never return to their home districts except to campaign to continue their permanent residence in DC.  Perhaps if Congress Members are required to continue to live in their home districts, they will be more responsive to the needs of their constituents.
  • Destroy the lobbyist influence in Congress.  Where does the term "lobbyist" come from?  It means that people who want access to Congress Members hang out in the lobby of Capital Hill, and waylay their targets as they walk through.  Of course, it has become more sophisticated than this, but the principle is the same.  The moneyed interests that have offices in DC have regular access to Congress.  The same cannot be said for the ordinary citizens back in the home districts.  For a lobbyist looking to enact legislation to benefit his/her organization, it is like shooting fish in a barrel, while constituents must drag through an obstacle course of offices, aides, and interns.  However, if the members of Congress are dispersed across the Nation, the lobbyist is now at a disadvantage, while the local citizens can just knock on the door of the local office.
  • Overall reduction in the cost of running the Federal Government.  Right now, Representatives have offices in both their home districts and DC.  Full time.  The cost of maintaining all the office buildings and Capital Hill is astronomical.  By sending Congress home, those buildings could be closed down (except Capital Hill for tours).  Staff could be slashed in half (or more).  The legislation I am proposing would only allow Congress to return to DC for a three week period each year, for the most important activity of Congress, namely completing a budget (although this should not be necessary, but why not let them have a vacation?).  Even the salaries of Congress itself could be slashed, as the number one excuse that the career politicians use to justify their raises is how expensive it is to maintain two homes.  This will be taken right off the table.

Restructure the Education System

There is no question that our Education system is BROKEN.  The literacy rate of 18 year olds in Colonial America was higher than it is now.  With NO education system at all.  Covid-19 has not only highlighted this issue, but has also exacerbated it.  With no warning at all, families and schools across Delaware were required to pivot to completely new systems of teaching.  The total failure is obvious.  The data is in.  An unprecedented percentage of students never even completed their course work for the year.  And the School Districts, to protect themselves, simply passed everyone whether they merited it or not.  But that is nothing new.  It is what schools have been doing for decades.  We have entirely too many youth graduating from High School unable to even read their diplomas.  The time to put the top-down one-size-fits-none system in our sights is long past due.

  • Remove the power of the Federal Department of Education to direct school policy, and return it to the local districts.  The DoE uses its control of the purse strings to force States and local Districts to toe the line to whatever fad has taken hold in the hallowed halls of DC.  The DoE should not have any mission other than to disburse funds to the states based on a per child basis.
  • Let the money follow the child.  In Delaware today, it costs an average of $15,000/year to educate a child in the Public Schools.  The average tuition of a private school in Delaware is $10,000.  Of course, if you take out Tower Hill ($30,000), the average drops to $7,000.  Yes.  You read that right.  The average tuition of a private school in Delaware is HALF what a public school child costs.  And there is little question that our public school students are NOT receiving twice the education for twice the cost.  And children in disadvantaged areas suffer the most.  There is no mystery why parents of disadvantaged students prefer charter schools as opposed to the factory schools of the 19th century model.  They understand that a good education is the first step out of poverty.  Given the choice and opportunity, they will send their children to schools that meet their needs, not their zip code.  Parents of students with special needs have to battle for even the tiniest advance in programs to benefit their children.  Under this system, they would be able to locate and send their children to schools specially designed to serve their children's needs.

Reduce the omnipresence of the Federal Government.

Please, tell me something that you do on any given day that is not regulated or taxed by the Feds.  Drive to work.  Read the newspaper.  Buy a cup of coffee.  Eat a bowl of cornflakes.  The Feds are there.  Everyday.  In YOUR life.  Why?  Because somewhere along the way, little by little, the people signed off on the loss of their rights.  Which rights are those?  Check out Article 1 of the US Constitution.  It clearly outlines what Congress may do.  Article 2 likewise enumerates the powers of the President (hint:  He really doesn't have any but to carry out the orders of Congress).  The Education System has been colluding with this massive power grab by not teaching generations civics.  Luckily, I have a copy of the Constitution, and I know how to use it.

  • Repeal EVERY Federal law that involves "victimless crimes".  If states want to keep pursuing them that's their right (see Amendment 10), but the Feds need to go home.
  • Restructure the tax code.  And by restructure I mean throw it in the dust bin.  What started out as a relatively simple (if unconstitutional) system, has grown in tiny increments to a leviathan that no one (not even IRS Agents) can know or understand.  It has been built over more than 100 years as reactions to emergent issues, and then outdated policies have stayed long after their reason for being ended.  Much like suicide, it is filled with permanent solutions to temporary problems.  And worse, it has created the largest and most intrusive bureaucracy in history.  Imagine how much money would be saved without the 75,000 people employed by the IRS.  Yes, we will still need to have tax collecting office, but it could be greatly reduced by reducing the minutiae of the (70,000?) page tax code.  I use the question mark, because Business Insider in 2013 stated the number as 73,000, and even PolitiFact admits that the code is so huge that no one really knows how long it is.
  • Audit every Federal Agency, Bureau, and Department.  And I don't mean check their bank accounts.  I mean question the mission of each one.  What is it?  Is it necessary?  If it is deemed necessary, is it actually meeting its mission, or has it been involved in mission creep?  For example, the FDA's mission is to determine the SAFETY of pharmaceuticals and medical procedures.  Its mission creep has been to also determine the EFFICACY of such.  This has created a huge bureaucracy that is doing that which it should not.

Reform the Criminal Justice System

America has the highest per capita incarceration rate IN THE WORLD.  And yet, we are only #22 in actual crime rate.  Why?  Because we are locking up non-violent offenders for drastically long terms.  Instead of considering the causes of crime (including ill-conceived legislation), we just try to sweep it under the rug.  Every time a legislator proposes a new law as a knee-jerk reaction to some social issue, a thousand new criminals are created.  By taking the proper steps to reduce the overwhelm of the Justice System, we can begin to provide TRUE justice, not assembly line processing.

  • Repeal all Federal " victimless crimes".  If states wish to continue to pursue them that's their right.  But the Feds need to go home.  Reserve the system to REAL crimes (although mostly this will not be necessary as most "real" crimes -Murder, Robbery, etc are under the purview of the states).
  • Audit every Federal Agency, Bureau and Department.  What useless and annoying "rules" have been created over the decades that create "criminals" of ordinary citizens just going about their business.
  • End the "War on Drugs".  Wherever there is a prohibition, there will be a Black Market.  And wherever there is a black market, there will follow violent crime, as the rewards of the market far outweigh the risks.  The War on Alcohol (Prohibition) gave us Al Capone.  The War on Drugs has given us street gangs, violence on our borders, and the cartels.  Portugal decided to experiment with decriminalizing all drugs.  And what an experiment it has been!   Crime dropped through the basement, overdose deaths also dropped, and addiction rates came down as people sought treatment rather than hiding in the shadows.

Crush Cronyism in DC

On a lovely spring day many years ago my father was mowing the lawn.  A stranger walked up to him and said he was running for office.  He wanted to tell my dad what he was going to do for him.  Dad responded with "Don't you mean what you are going to do TO me?"  We all know that career politicians are not working for us, they are working for the moneyed interests who can afford to buy access.  Bribery and kickbacks are illegal.  However, the career politicians are experts in writing legislation and appropriations bills that make both of them legal (Political Contributions=Bribery, Corporate/Industrial "Subsidies"=Kickbacks).  The first Covid "stimulus" package amounted to $3,030 per American.  And what did we get? $1200.  Where did the other $604,000,000,000 (Billion) go?  To well connected cronies and special interests.  And that was just the FIRST.  DC is now coming up on number 3!  Dollars are coming out of the pockets of struggling Americans, and going straight into the bank accounts of Billionaires.  The shell game has been going on too long.  It is time to make it STOP!

  • Forget a balanced budget amendment.  It's too late for that.  We need an austerity budget that brings in a surplus every year, to pay down the debt.  That means cutting every Agency, Bureau, and Department.  Not "cutting" DC style (where there is a proposed increase of 20%, and only 10% increase is approved and called a 10% "cut").  True reductions.  I even have an incentive program.  Bonuses are now given out as a matter of contract, rather than as a reward for positive results.  Proposal:  An across the board 5% cut of EVERY budget.  Those departments who meet their budget, well nothing happens.  Those who come in OVER budget will lose DOUBLE what they went over for the next year (on top of the annual 5% reduction).  And those who come in UNDER budget get a bonus equal to 1/2 the percent they came in under.  That is, you spend too much=you lose, you spend less than allowed=you win.
  • End all corporate/industrial/organizational subsidies.  If your operations can't make it without a check from the government, then maybe you shouldn't exist. If the people like/want what you have to offer, they will subsidize you in the form of dollar bills from their wallets.

Return Control of Social Security to the Workers

The single largest portion of the Federal Budget is Social Security (23% or $1 Trillion), not including Medicare (That's another $651 Billion).  Compare that to the Defense budget (16% or $697 Billion-which is still too high).  When Social Security was first proposed, it was sold to the American people (who really didn't want it) as a form of annuity program.  Now, annuities are insurance products where one makes payments to an insurance company, which then invests it, and at a certain time the money is returned to the annuitant as regular payments.  Unfortunately, this is not what SS ever was.  It is ,was, and ever will be what is known as a "Ponzi Scheme", which means that payouts at the top are covered by incoming payments from the bottom.  At the time that SS was begun, the life expectancy of the average American was 60, so it was expected that very little would ever be paid out, as the collection age was 65.  Ah, but thanks to capitalism and science, the average life expectancy continued to rise, and is now at about 80 (with more and more reaching 100 and beyond).  That means that if a worker begins working at 20, and contributes until SS retirement age now (still 65), and lives to 100, they will pay in for 45 years (Maximum $8537/yr cap with an equal contribution from the employer), and collect for 35 ($36,132/yr).  In other words, their contributions will always be less than their collections.  THIS is why SS is not (and never was) sustainable.  Every year less comes in than goes out.  So what to do?

  • Allow new and younger workers to have TRUE annuity accounts.  This is often referred to as "Privatizing".  This means that the worker will be able to direct their contributions into guaranteed investment accounts of their choosing.  There are plenty of insurance companies with excellent credit ratings to choose from, with a wide range of programs.  The worker will also be able to choose for themselves when they "retire", so if they wish to keep working past 65 and continue to make contributions, they may.  They would even be able to make greater contributions to their fund if they choose.   And, they would be able to pass any unused portion to their heirs.
  • Fund payouts to older workers who no longer have the time to build up an investment account through means other than stealing from younger workers.  Some proposals:  1) Sell off surplus Federal property (not just land & buildings, but stockpiles of equipment and supplies that are just collecting dust in warehouses).  2) Reduce the Federal Government (see above) in size and scope, which would produce a surplus in revenue.  And remember, it's not forever.  Over time the number of recipients will be reduced to zero.  And at that time, the SS Administration can be virtually closed down, creating another savings in the Federal Budget.
  • And since it will no longer be necessary to skim as much as possible from younger workers to support older retirees, eventually the mandatory contributions could be scaled back, providing more discretionary dollars that could be circulated into the economy as a whole.